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Author fruitfly
#1 | Posted: 20 Aug 2018 21:35
one thing ive noticed is ive never met anyone who is into guns or has guns. just pointing this out..

Author dipshit
#2 | Posted: 21 Aug 2018 00:10
the guys in my family have rifles and some pistols, i've been shooting w em before it's pretty fun but weird to realize they have guns. when i was dating costco i thought it was surprising he had a concealed carry license but he's from florida so i guess it's different there

Author andrej
#3 | Posted: 21 Aug 2018 03:57
friend from hs's brother was visiting from taiwan and bought a desert eagle and another hand gun and a shotgun. when he left back he left the guns with my friend so we had an afternoon of sitting around saying 'can you feel the weight in your hand on this one' and talking about taking them to a range. years later my friend moved to la and had to get a special gun case to transport them and was worried they'd get stolen from his car on the drive.

Author peef
#4 | Posted: 21 Aug 2018 10:01 | Edited by: peef
lil relevant mcafee update from today via cshbz

Author dipshit
#5 | Posted: 22 Aug 2018 00:50

Author redguts
#6 | Posted: 22 Aug 2018 09:17 | Edited by: redguts
I know quite a few people into guns. My uncles & cousins sure are.

Nobody in your high school class was into guns? I feel like I could name about 12 dudes from my class off the top of my head.


Author cshbz
#7 | Posted: 22 Aug 2018 11:31
is that your aunt?

Author thorns
#8 | Posted: 23 Aug 2018 09:26
i had a dream about this thread

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