wrasse.pw is an experimental multi-user internet system created in 2015. we are a micro-community who use this machine as a scratchpad, and to host a handful of private and public services. we are committed to having fun, and celebrate the non-commercial.

2yt is a youtube multiplier. there is no interface, and no limit to the number of videos. one may specify volume, speed, start/end position, and more per video.

icons is a collection of a few thousand unique images. each time you visit, the order is shuffled. paging left and right will retain that order until the next visit or refresh.

soup is the public viewer for a private html chat sandbox. participants can submit anything to the page. since soup went online in 2018, there has been new content daily. soup will update live with new posts, so feel free to leave it open in a tab. please contact us if you are interested in participating.

crease is a sleepy old-school php forum. hidden within are a few gems. new users must be approved -- please contact me if you strangely wish to receive an account.

wave radio is an underground radio station.

user pages host various files created by users of the local system.